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Living Space Theatre 

is a nomadic theatre founded in 2016 by artists who had graduated from National Theatre Academy in Cracow (Poland). In our work we combine movement, dance, and acting, focused on work with physical body and imagination which are very powerful tools in a creative process. Since the very beginning we cooperated with artists and organizations from USA, China, South Korea, Japan, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Bulgaria (presenting our pieces and organizing dance, movement and acting workshops).

Principal objectives of the Living Space Theatre:

– We, human beings, live in one global space and we need to be responsible and take care of the life around. Through our performances we want to raise voice about actual social issues, tolerance and human rights.

– By theatre events, space between people becomes vivid and hence we want to create a real meeting among actors and the audience.

– We bring theatre life to various spaces that can become alive though the action.

– For us human body is the living space itself (each human being carries their inner experiences). Therefore we are focused on the artistic expression through the movement and dance.

– Living Space Theatre is a laboratory space within which we develop our artistic approach as well as teaching and therapeutic work.

Founders :

Jakub Margosiak – A graduate of Acting Department, PWST in Cracow and a free listener at the Department of Dance Theater in Bytom. PhD student at the National Film School in Łódź. Scholarship holder of the Silesian Voivodeship’s Marshal, President of City of Tarnów and the Municipality of Tarnów. He gave workshops and a lecture at the 35th International Theater Institute World Congress in Segovia (Spain). He took part in the International Summer Program organized by Robert Wilson at the Watermill Center in New York and in an artistic residence as part of the AgitAgueda Festival in Portugal. He graduated from Immersion Course at Michael Chekhov School in New York. He created his own projects: “Kaj Dzias” dance theater performance (premiered during International Dance Theatres Festival Open Stage in Tarnów) “Sensory Room”, “Conceptual Privat” (Main Prize and Jury Award during International Dance Theatres Festival Open Stage in Tarnów and Make Move competition) and many others.

Grzegorz Łabuda – A graduate of PWST in Cracow, Dance Theater Department in Bytom. Minister of Culture and National Heritage’s scholarship holder for outstanding artistic achievements. Winner of international competitions. He completed the Master Course at Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards Workcenter at Pontedera and also intensive acting course in Michael Chekhov School of Acting in Hudson, NY. Creator of such performances as “Hey! You!”, “Uroczysko”, “Shapes”. He gave acting workshops during Busan International Performing Arts Festival in Korea, theatre workshops at the Arts Club in BWA Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice, workshops and lectures during the 5th Dance Symposium as part of the International Theater Congress in Spain, series of dance and movement workshops as part of the educational project ‘Do sztuki gotowi – start!’ organized by the BWA Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice (2014-2019) and many others. Participant of the research project “Joy of discovery” as part of the 1st and 2nd CEEC-China Summer Dance Camp in China. Co-creator and author of many projects and performances.

Anna Mikuła – A graduate of PWST in Cracow, Dance Theater Department in Bytom. Winner of a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, a scholarship from the President of Tarnów, the Erasmus + program. Laureate of “Artists in residence” competition organized by Stalker Teatro – officially CAOS in Turin (Italy), as part of which she held an artistic residence creating “Three days of snow” performance. She collaborates with Jens van Daele Burning Bridges company (the Netherlands), Faido Dance Company (the Netherlands), Rozbark Dance and Movement Theatre in Bytom, Maciej Kuźmiński, Ludwik Solski Drama Theatre in Tarnów, Cracow Opera. Creator and co-creator of many artistic projects in Poland and abroad.

Jakub Margosiak

Jakub Margosiak

Grzegorz Łabuda

Grzegorz Łabuda

Anna Mikuła

Anna Mikuła


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