“Kaj Dzias”


It is believed that you can always hear the music where the Gypsies are,

even if there is no food to eat. That makes their life easier.

A performance of theatre and dance.

From rituals, magic, songs, dances and journeys

to robbery and persecutions.

A story from different perspectives.

Sometimes a little bit poetic, but sometimes extremely literal.

About Gypsies? About humans?


Feel invited to the meeting with weirdos, aliens, artists…

We want to understand something about us by looking at the others.


This colorful collage of music, songs and dance is an extraordinary opportunity for spectators to enter into the imaginary world. We ask a question – did Roma people have a specified aim of their journey? And what about us ? Roma culture becomes a pretext to speak about humanity, tolerance and respecting differences between people.

 ”Kaj dzias” was nominated for the best off-theatre performance award in The Best OFF 2018 competition. It was invited to be part of European Capital of Culture 2019 programme in Plovidv (Bulgaria), where it was presented twice in cooperation with Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019. 



Production: Living Space Theatre, Mościce Arts Centre in Tarnów

Direction: Jakub Margosiak

Choreography: performers

Light design: Radosław Lis

Technical support : Paweł Urbanowicz

Cast: Natalia Dinges, Anna Mikuła, Grzegorz Łabuda, Jakub Margosiak

Music: Izabela Płachta (violin), Kornel Uriasz (accordion), Miłosz Potoczny (guitar)

Duration: 50 minutes



Simultaneously with the performance presentation we offer dance and acting workshops in culture institutions where we perform. In this way we wish to ‘inject’ the curiosity for the theatre art by sharing inspirations, knowledge and skills with participants.

Workshops include:

– contemporary dance class,

– voice emission,

– fusion of dance and singing

Workshops are not only an opportunity to broaden the range of dance and acting skills, but also to use and practice them on stage. Duration of workshops is established with organizer of the event.



« When they had gone, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream. “Get up,” he said, “take the child and his mother and escape to Egypt. Stay there until I tell you, Herod is going to search for the child to kill him.” So he got up, took the child and his mother during the night and left for Egypt « Mt 2, 13-14

More and more refugees appear in Poland – there are Mary with the Child, Bear – Teddy Bear and many, many more. Crowds are waiting on the country borders. Will we let them enter our playgrounds ? Welcome to exquisitly colorful refugee – show……







Production: Living Space Theatre

Directors: Grzegorz Łabuda, Jakub Margosiak

Cast: Anna Mikuła, Grzegorz Łabuda, Jakub Margosiak

Music: Mateusz Flis

Costumes: Magdalena Sendek

Debates: Alina Czyżewska

Duration: 70 min.



Project was incorporated as part of „Understanding the culture” and supporting multiculturality of the region programme, funded by Silesian Voivodenship Government.

„SHAPES” – performance for children


Imagine what would happen if all of our surroundings came alive – if shapes started to move, come up the windows or live like humans. What if they could eat, read and even create humanlike relations? Can we make friends with them? What kind of shapes are we able to imagine? Shape something, take shape, reshape, shape up, have shape of something? This performance is not another version of Cinderella or Christmas Carol.

“SHAPES” is a dance theatre performance invigorating imagination, presenting life of two abstract creatures in different shapes and colours. This performance will stimulate the imagination of children as well as adults.

Performance intended for children aged 3 and above (and adults too!).







Production: Living Space Theatre

Direction: Grzegorz Łabuda, Jakub Margosiak

Cast: Grzegorz Łabuda, Jakub Margosiak

Duration: 35 minut


Project was supported by Katowice City of Gardens, Institution of Culture by Krystyna Bochenek.






Disability is a formless, difficult to define form that overflows. Disability is difficult to name, assimilate and tame.

Our work, inspired by the way in which deaf people function, deals with the topic of disability. As people with healthy functioning sense of hearing, we face everyday situations that become a challenge for deaf people – as performers, we cut off our sense of hearing. This limitation determines our motor activities; it forces us to communicate with each other using other means than before.









Concept and choreography: Dorota Furmaniuk, Karolina Kardasz, Jakub Margosiak

Cast: Karolina Kardasz/Grzegorz Łabuda, Dorota Furmaniuk, Jakub Margosiak

Music: Mateusz Flis

Technical support: Daria Bełch

Duration: 30 minut


Project was supported by Katowice City of Gardens, Institution of Culture by Krystyna Bochenek.






The performance is inspired by historical miracle in Zimnol mineshaft of so- called Poland mine in Świętochłowice – a city from Silesian area, which is known as a geographical polish terrain of mines and carbon extraction. In the end of 19th century a ceiling in one of the mine’s tunnel collapsed and imprisoned 43 minors underground. After 8 days they were founded and released – the fact that all minors stayed alive is perceived as a miracle. “43 cases of happiness” is a dance theatre performance created by Living Space Theatre. Four actors – dancers present situations from the past in a metaphorical way. Performance refers to both tragic aspects of the history, and the joy of live, coming out as a result of happily completed rescue operation. All the actions imagined as underground are played on the earth surface – the reversed perspective of the story brings its new meanings.



Production: Living Space Theatre

Choreography: Sylwia Hefczyńska-Lewandowska

Cast: Anna Mikuła, Grzegorz Łabuda, Jakub Margosiak, Jakub Kruczek/Andrzej Michalski

Duration: 60 minut


Stowarzyszenie Living Space Theatre

ul. Kopernika 14, 40-064 Katowice


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